Electric Vehicle Study

Start Date

completion date

Winter 2023

total cid investment


Needs Assessment and Readiness Study for Regional Transportation System Electrification within the CID Area

True North 400 conducted a needs assessment study to identify the CID’s readiness to support the development of a national and regional Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) network. This study inventories current charger coverage, develops key variables such as EV adoption projections, summarizes national and international best practices, and identifies current and future needs for regional transportation system electrification. The outcome of the study includes an electrification implementation roadmap for the CID.

Electrification Needs Assessment and Readiness Study Presentation

Click here to view the presentation.

Currently, True North 400 houses around 60 public charging stations with around 160 charging supply ports. Among these charging stations, most of them are Level 2 chargers with a handful of Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) chargers. Existing charging coverage is moderate for today’s demand, however, there are locations where the demand is higher than the coverage such as the area between Webb Bridge Rd and McGinnis Ferry Rd., north of Academy St until Union Hill Rd., and northeast area of GA 400 and GA 120. Read the executive summary of this study here.

Financial commitment

True North 400’s contribution totaled $50,000 to complete the study.


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