North Fulton CID Featured in GA Trend: March Edition

Georgia 400 remains the main artery generating prosperity in the North Fulton CID, its executive director says. “I can tell you the state is committed to Georgia 400,” says Beach, also a state senator (R-21). “We look at this as an economic engine for the state with all the businesses up here. And so we know we need to make sure we’re investing.”

Among the CID’s recent investments was a project to ease traffic at Georgia 400 and Windward Parkway. It involved adding a triple left-turn lane on Wind-ward Parkway coming north off 400, a new lane down Windward over to Deer-field Parkway and a double left-turn lane from Windward onto Westside Park-way. The additions “really helped relieve congestion coming off 400 on Windward Parkway, which is a major employment center force,” Beach says.

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