Dryden Road Extension and Culvert Repair

Start Date

Fall 2023

completion date

total cid investment


Identified in True North 400’s Blueprint Master Plan, the Dryden Road Extension and Culvert Repair will provide much needed connectivity in the Windward Parkway/Edison Drive/Marconi Drive area in Alpharetta. The new roadway will extend the current Dryden Road from North Point Parkway to Edison Drive just south of Windward Parkway. The project will enhance connectivity to the Edison Drive area providing greater access to AT&T, The Edison, and Flexential. The project will also include a necessary culvert repair to be designed and built simultaneously.

Dryden Road Extension concept April 2024
Dryden Road Extension Concept – April 2024

Project Status: 

This project is currently in the preliminary plan development phase and is anticipated to submit right of way plans Summer 2024.

The City of Alpharetta has approved the concept and traffic management strategy. Studies are being undertaken to evaluate water flows and drainage based on the new culvert. The environmental assessment is complete, and the design of the roadway project and culvert replacement are expected to be finished by the end of 2024.

Financial commitment

In June 2023, the True North 400 Board approved funding for the design of the project. Construction of the project will be funded by the City of Alpharetta.


  • City of Alpharetta

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