North Fulton CID Rebrands to True North 400

North Fulton, GA ‐ September 29, 2023 – After two decades of steadfast commitment to enhancing mobility, accessibility and transportation in North Fulton County, the board of directors of the Community Improvement District (CID) has taken a significant step by unveiling its new identity. Beginning today, the organization will be known as True North 400, a name rooted in the CID’s core values, mission and geographical significance.

Established in 2003, True North 400 has been a driving force in shaping the infrastructure landscape of North Fulton. As the organization has expanded its footprint, it has undertaken transformative projects in Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell.

“It became evident to us that our former name was limiting and confusing. We decided that our name going forward should mirror our deep-seated connection to our location, project portfolio and dedication to our guiding principles. Our compass is unwavering. It points toward our true north, defining our purpose and steering our decisions. Our bedrock principles are integrity, loyalty, responsibility and honesty, which form the very essence of our organization,” said Tim Perry – True North 400 board chair and managing partner with North American Properties.

True North 400’s brand mark is a visual embodiment of the organization’s values and mission. Taking the form of a compass, its arrow steadfastly points northward. Each point on the compass represents the cities in which the CID executes projects – Alpharetta, Milton and Roswell – while also cleverly creating the number four, symbolizing its commitment to the vital Georgia 400 corridor and the location of the CID’s headquarters.

“This rebranding marks a pivotal moment in our journey, signifying our renewed focus, expanded horizons and deepened commitment to our community. We at True North 400 are eager to continue our mission, making a lasting impact on the North Fulton area. In fact, our new tagline, “A Catalyst for Community Improvement,” reaffirms that dedication to bringing transformative changes through innovative roadway enhancements, strategic interchanges, critical infrastructure updates and connections to trails and parks, increasing our members’ property values and driving economic development,” said Brandon Beach, executive director – True North 400 and member of the Georgia State Senate.

As part of the brand launch, the organization has a new website at and updated social media channels.