Windward/Highway 9 Area Strategic Master Plan

Start Date

April 2023

completion date

December 2023

total cid investment


The cities of Milton and Alpharetta, in partnership with True North 400, are undertaking a strategic plan for the Windward Parkway and Highway 9 corridors. These corridors are home to major employers, shopping destinations and thousands of residents. This strategic plan will identify potential investments in mobility, transportation, green space and placemaking to improve the area's quality of life and economic competitiveness.

Building on the 2012 Strategic Master Plan for the Windward Parkway/Highway 9 area, this effort will consider the significant changes that have occurred within the past 10 years, locally and nationally. These include changes in the economic market, shifts in consumer demands and preferences, and new mobility opportunities which necessitate a fresh look at the challenges and opportunities that impact development patterns and transportation investments. As corridors are planned to receive a high-capacity transit station related to the GA 400 Express Lane project and development trends are moving away from automobile-dominated land uses, the Windward/Highway 9 Area requires an updated community vision and action plan.

Windward Hwy 9 Area Strategic Master Plan Purpose

An updated approach to land use and transportation integration that re-imagines the areas as a walkable, multimodal transit-supportive place.

  • Strategies for integrating the planned high-capacity transit station and providing first/last mile connectivity.
  • An updated market study to assist developers in gaining an understanding of the type, scale, design and location of desired development.
  • A branding strategy for the area that re-creates it as a destination and improves sense of place.
  • Strategies for economic development to support growth of the area and attract a talented and diverse workforce.
Windward Hwy 9 Strategic Master Plan Project Timeline

The project will take place over 9 months (April-December) and is comprised of four major tasks:

Task 1 – Assessment of existing conditions, review of past planning efforts and current development context, and the establishment of a Core Team to guide the planning effort, in addition to the first Community Meeting. 

Task 2 – Market and Real Estate Analysis and the development of an Economic Development Strategy. 

Task 3 – Development of connectivity and mobility enhancements, placemaking and branding strategy, and land use strategy with associated redevelopment sites. Task three also includes stakeholder focus group sessions.

Task 4 – Preparation of the implementation action plan, work sessions with the city and True North 400 staff, and development of the final planning report.

Windward Hwy 9 Community Engagement

Community feedback will shape the foundation of the plan’s recommendations, therefore anyone with an interest in the future of the study area is strongly encouraged to participate. Engagement with the community will include a three-pronged approach made up of community meetings, online engagement and stakeholder focus groups. 

  • Community meetings include two in-person, interactive sessions where the public is welcome to gather for a presentation followed by activities related to the plan process. Outcomes from community meetings include learning about study area assets, issues and opportunities and sharing the plan’s vision with the community. Meetings are planned for June and October.
  • Online engagement include the project web page to disseminate project information with the community. Another component of online engagement is an employer survey which seeks to learn about employee priorities and trends. Online engagement will be concurrent throughout all phases of the plan.
  • Stakeholder roundtables will be conducted as virtual 1-hour sessions with key groups of stakeholders who are directly impacted by investments and improvements to the study area.

Community Meeting 2: The Windward Parkway & Highway 9 Strategic Master Plan held its second Community Meeting on Wednesday, November 15 at the Hilton Alpharetta Atlanta, between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM. This meeting included a brief overview presentation (review the presentation here) followed by open-house-style activities with interactive stations and informational displays (review the boards here).

Financial commitment


  • The city of Milton
  • The city of Alpharetta

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