Mansell Connectors Study

Start Date

January 2013

completion date

May 2015

total cid investment


True North 400 helped fund phases three and four of the Mansell Connectors Study. The Mansell Connectors Study is part of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which lists needed road projects around the region and prioritizes them for support. Phases three and four were identified in an earlier Big Creek Bridge Road Corridor Study by the City of Roswell in 2010. The study evaluates two north-south roadways parallel to Georgia 400 that would connect Holcomb Bridge Road at Davis Drive on the West and at North Point Parkway on the East side.

This study was completed in May 2015. It was determined that Phase 3 was a more feasible option, and Roswell City Council approved a preferred alternative for the connection. No design or construction funds have been identified at this time.

Mansell Road Connectors Study map with potential roadway connections

Financial commitment

The entire planning study cost $350,000 and was paid for with a $280,000 federal/state grant. The City of Roswell and the CID agreed to contribute $35,000 each, totaling a $70,000 local match.


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